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Hello there 👋! Welcome to SingaporeJS website!

First thing to connect with us:

Our meetup - talk.js

A monthly meet up for all things JavaScript, Node.js, and the modern web

Check the calendar on our Meetup page (opens in a new tab) for all upcoming events.

👋 Reach out

The most effective way is to open an issue if you have questions, suggestions, or feedback.

📹 Recorded talks

Most of our talks are recorded by volunteers from Engineers.SG. You can watch videos from our past events (opens in a new tab) on their website.

🎙 How to propose a talk

There's usually a corresponding issue (opens in a new tab) for each talk.js for the month (raise an issue if one has not been created yet). To propose a talk simply leave a comment in an issue for that month.

📅 Typical agenda

7.00pmDoors open - mingle with guests and speakers over 🍕
7.20pmStart of event - opening segment by host
7.30pmStart of scheduled talks
8.40pmOpen announcements - open segment for anyone to make announcements
9.00pmEnd of event


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